1.How is the quality of our watches?

We have top imitation watches in Asia and Switzerland.

2.Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

Yes! We use various electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access. Your card information is completely safe here.

3.How soon will you receive the goods?

We provide global shipping and it usually takes about 12-15 working days to deliver your order.

4.What movement does the watch have?

Depending on the watch class you choose, our watches are equipped with Asian or high-quality ETA Swiss movements.

5.What do these terms mean: Auto, Quartz and Scanning Seconds?

Automatic refers to a watch movement composed of an automatic winding mechanism, which allows the watch to run on its own without a battery. The advantage of this is that the watch does not require a battery to operate. Its disadvantage is that the watch should be maintained every few years to ensure its smooth operation.
Quartz refers to a watch movement that runs on batteries. The advantage of this is that watches usually last longer than automatic watches

6.Are these watches of good quality or will they break if they are worn several times?

It depends on how you wear it. If you wear it often, it can be used for several years without any problems. The quality of the watches we provide is very high. These are not bargains you will find on the street and will break after a few days, they will last for years! We are very confident in our watches. If the watches are defective, we will provide replacements or refunds.

7.Does the watch have the original packaging box and paper?

All our orders come with a free box. If you want to add the original box to the order, please contact us.

8.Do you offer wholesale prices?

Please contact customer service.

9.Is the watch waterproof?

All our Asian watches are waterproof, but not waterproof. We do not recommend that you take it to the shower or swimming pool. Taking the watch underwater will cancel its warranty.
If you need water resistance, you can contact our customer service.

10.Do you accept customization?

Yes, if you have any special needs, please contact our customer service. We will do our best to make you satisfied.

11.Why didn’t the watch move when I got the watch?

Sometimes the automatic watch needs to be wound manually, you can contact our customer service to get the instructional video.

12.How to set the time and date?

You can contact our customer service to set up the video.

13.Can you provide a warranty for the watch?

We provide a 12-month warranty for each watch you buy from this website. The watch can be returned or replaced only when the watch fails. The warranty does not cover damage caused by ordinary wear and tear or external causes (such as scratches, missing stones, dents, nicks, fading/fragmentation of product materials, etc.). The warranty does not cover water damage, missing or stolen parts, or damage caused by personal misuse/negligence, so we strongly recommend that you do not use any watch for swimming, diving, surfing or any other similar activities.