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In 2021, Rolex launched the new Explorer series 124273. This is the first time that the Explorer series has tried to combine Oystersteel and 18ct gold.

The outer ring, crown, and strap middle links are cast in 18ct gold, and the case and both sides of the strap are cast in 18ct gold. The chain links are cast in Oystersteel, which is very durable.

With a clear and easy-to-read black classic dial, the hour markers of 3, 6, and 9 are its characteristics. The iconic hour markers and hands are coated with Chromalight luminous material. Under daylight, these hour markers show white luster. In the dark, it emits a long-lasting blue light; even at night or when there is no light, it can still be read without obstruction, which is convenient for everyone to identify and read.

The 36mm case is made of a single piece of solid Oystersteel. It is equipped with a sapphire crystal that is not easily scratched, a double-lock winding crown with a double waterproof system, and a fine pit screwed back cover. Its waterproof performance is up to 100 meters. The Oyster-style three-compartment chain belt is equipped with a folding Oyster-style safety buckle and is equipped with a 5 mm easy-to-adjust link extension system, which is convenient to wear and take.

Equipped with 3230 automatic winding movements, this movement was launched in 2020. It is equipped with a patented blue Parachrom paramagnetic alloy hairspring, Chronergy nickel-phosphorus escapement, and a high-performance Paraflex cushioning device to ensure the high-performance operation of the movement. Interfered by magnetic fields, it is highly efficient and reliable.

It can provide up to 70 hours of power reserve. It has a high accuracy of plus or minus two seconds per day, which is the highest standard in the industry. There is nothing to say about the 3230 movements in terms of precision, reliability, power reserve, anti-vibration, anti-magnetic, and ease of use.

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